Stephen at Skywalker Sound

Stephen at Skywalker Sound

About Stephen Shenefield

A longtime product development manager and program leader, I’ve innovated, engineered, marketed, and launched 100s of consumer electronics products for THX, Boston Acoustics, Denon, and others. I’ve also been involved with the development of some pretty amazing software, such as Projector PSA.

Vaetr Design flows from the mind of Stephen Shenefield (me!).

The word “vaetr” is based loosely on the Old Norse word for spirits, vaettir (look it up on wikipedia).

The product featured in the header is the Boston Acoustics TVee One “sound base” system, industrial design by Jordan Nollman.  I worked on the TVee One extensively at D&M Holdings.  It’s also sold as a Denon product in some markets and retail channels.

About the “Boston Acoustics Blog Archive” – The Boston Acoustics blog was live around 2011 and I wrote a number of general interest entries, which can be found under the BA Blog Archive category.

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