Why I like the Sonos PLAY:1 (part 1)

Sonos products are heavily reviewed so I won’t comment on the usual things like sound and set-up, even though these are well-done and fully in line with the Sonos experience.

Slam dancing to Sonos Play:1

Slam dancing to Sonos PLAY:1

What really strikes me about the PLAY:1 is the attention to fit and finish, especially the subtle design details that – I suspect – many people would take for granted. For instance, the metal grille is continuous around the whole product with no seam. Metal grilles are common, but they typically have a beginning and an end (since they start out as flat sheet metal). This one is a continuous loop, meaning that it either has invisible seam (not sure how that could be) or it didn’t start life as a sheet. Perhaps a very thin extrusion? But then, how were the holes punched? Water jet?

The power cord is another nice touch. The removable cord uses a standard plug to attach to the underside of the PLAY:1, but the plug itself is a custom molding that fits securely in place, leaving a clean line. And by the way, the clean lines are unbroken by screw holes or other stuff. So far I think this is the tidiest Sonos product I’ve seen, especially compared with the soundbar which is pretty clean but has a few goofs in execution.

Sonos Play:1 ... no visible screws and clean attachment of the power cord.

Sonos PLAY:1 … no visible screws and clean attachment of the power cord.

I am about to order a second PLAY:1 and plan to follow up this note with thoughts about running PLAY:1’s in stereo, and with a subwoofer. I’ll comment on the sound then. Stay tuned.

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