Juggling Remotes (or How to Really Piss Off Your Family)

From the Boston Acoustics Blog Archives (circa 2011)

OK, I have to admit, as a product designer I try many products out, including my competitor’s products. Because I try these products – like home theater gear – in my real life (a.k.a. my real living room), I am not the only test subject. So imagine what happens when I leave my wife and two kids with a new system, with a new remote, and no me to keep it running. TROUBLE! I get calls, usually when I am boarding an airplane or walking into a meeting: “there’s no sound, what do we do.” And the worst situation occurs when one remote adjusts the volume and a separate remote is required for channel up/down. Of course universal remotes are a mixed bag, in my experience. So what’s a person to do if you want better sound for your TV but have a family that is frightened by equipment? The only true solution, and it is really an amazingly simple one, is to use one of Boston’s TVee offerings, where the Boston product itself learns the remote commands of your existing remote. So when you pick up the shiny new remote that came with your HDTV, or your cable box, or whatever, the same “vol +” and “vol –“ buttons work, as normal, controlling the Boston TVee system. Same for mute and power. Plus the sound is amazing. I can tell you this combination of grief avoidance and great sound is worth millions!

© Copyright 2013 Stephen Shenefield

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