Juggling Remotes (or How to Really Piss Off Your Family)

From the Boston Acoustics Blog Archives (circa 2011)

OK, I have to admit, as a product designer I try many products out, including my competitor’s products. Because I try these products – like home theater gear – in my real life (a.k.a. my real living room), I am not the only test subject. So imagine what happens when I leave my wife and two kids with a new system, with a new remote, and no me to keep it running. TROUBLE! I get calls, usually when I am boarding an airplane or walking into a meeting: Continue reading

The new Boston Acoustics TVee One – just released!

I am very proud of the new Boston Acoustics TVee One “speaker base.” I was heavily involved in the specifying and development of this product. The $349.99 TVee One functions like a soundbar, fits under the TV stand, and requires no separate subwoofer. In planning the product a year ago, we looked carefully at the competition, which at the time included just ZVOX, the patriarch of the soundbase category, and Bose, who had just entered the market with a very simple product (perfect for the masses). Bose’s product sells like hotcakes and has “legitimized” the market in a way that no other brand can. I am sure ZVOX is both flattered and terrified!

Anyway, the Boston Acoustics TVee One is built wider and sturdier than the Bose Continue reading